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 Pure is what you are to me

A breathe of mountain fresh-air

A peep of sunshine on a stormy day

The rainbow that comes after the tears from the clouds

Timeless as the sun at first light as radiant as a star in the dark skies night

Gentle and warm to this heart of mine, It’s nice to know in you is where I can unwind 

I can Unfold , Be bold, Stand tall, Be free; escape from the brutality of my reality 

Fearing nothing that comes my way

The sound of your voice saves the day

Like the ocean at the beach shore you are there to meet me, greet me, never to deplete me or become obsolete to me

You are sure, a certainty, clarity, reciprocity 

My conformation, not condemnation or a consolation full of hesitation, ready for isolation, dictation and preservation

Finally at last, my cure for the longing of something pure

All works are that of Yasmine Harrison and are strongly prohibited for use without permission.
Copyright  2016

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