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Turning Point

Yasmine Harrison hits the scene with a bang! She introduces us to Daya Young. A beautiful, talented, successful, Corporate Executive. Daya believes in the beauty of love, life, family and friendship. Unfortunately, Daya has had her share of heartaches and heartbreaks. Just as she vows to never fall in love again. She is swept off her feet, by the suave, irresistible and amazingly handsome Damian Lightfoot. He is everything she ever dreamed of and surely her "Mr. Right." But there is one thing that is separating the two. A secret he dares to reveal. He then disappears at the peak of there relationship without leaving a trace of his existence. She then settles for Mr. "Alright." R.J. Worthington. He is carrying some serious baggage and is in hopes of using Daya as his escape goat; to disguise what and who he really is. This thrill seeking novel will bring you to tears, make you laugh and have you seating at the edge of your seat. Happy reading!

Turning Point

The Sequel

Author Yasmine Harrison returns with her hot steamy sequel. Come journey through the lives of Daya and friends as they conquer life's mountains, embrace the valleys; while picking up the pieces and realizing that shattered doesn't necessarily mean broken. The women of Turning Point are back they want it all and they seek to get it all... They have all "Exhaled" and are on to something new. Together they have shared many ups and downs, but their friendship and sisterhood sustained them. This time around love,success and happiness are knocking at the door and it feels good, but drama and trauma are not too far behind. For some its a high price pay. Decisions must be made to leave or stay. This thrill seeking novel is on point and guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Captivating and brilliantly composed. It is full of supspense, drama and love. It is an true assurance that there is sunshine after the rain. Happy Reading!


Millie and her friends have vowed to always be their sisters-keeper. Finding their way in this world has been a journey for them; which, has led to some Unpredictable encounters. The motto that they live by is: A lady should be three things: Beautiful on the inside and out, Intelligent… swift in her thinking and always Unpredictable keep the crowd guessing.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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