Atlanta, Ga

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Yasmine Cares

Yasmine believes in giving back. She volunteers with the “The Red Hat Society” and is an honorary member of the Lithonia Chapter. She relentlessly devotes her time to feeding the homeless.  Annually, with a collaborative effort of her family and friends, they collect winter coats, blankets, gloves, hats, provide meals, and goodie bags for the homeless in Metro Atlanta area.  She is very passionate and concerned about the homeless situation in Atlanta and throughout the world. Out of her passion Kind Hands and Hearts was birthed. 

Kind Hearts and Hands is in the developing stages.  It is a diverse community-driven initiative non-profit organization that provides resources to single parents, battered women, displaced families and children through donations from the community. Our immediate goal is to assist and provide the basic necessities, with a long term goal of incorporating educational resources to the economically deprived.

"It doesn't hurt to give a little. You could make a differnce in someone's life." ..........Yasmine